Site Rules

The Council of Masters has established the following Rules and Guidelines for this Realm. We ask that all those entering here respect and abide by them to the best of their ability. Gor is a harsh and brutal world, governed by the Priest-Kings from their land high in the Sardar Mountains and by the steel of the Men below. Honor and respect are the words We live by here. We ask that A/all who choose to come here read and abide by the following:

1. First and foremost, this is an ADULT Site and the following are enforced by the owners of all the States. No one is allowed here under the age of 18. Role playing in public as someone under the age of 18 is also not allowed. Non-citizens will have their IP address banned and Citizens will be stripped of their accounts for violating this Rule.

2. The terms "Master" and "slave" refer in the case of "Master", to a Mistress and/or a Neutral, and in the case of "slave", a kajira (female Gorean slave...plural is kajirae) and/or a kajirus(male Gorean slave...plural is kajiri). Each and All are recognized in this Site, and are equally welcomed. No one will be discriminated against by their choice. Anyone using a capital for the first letter of Their handle shall be considered either a Master or a Neutral. Anyone not using a capital for the first letter of their handle name shall be considered a slave. Owned slaves can be denoted by the {} following their names and containing the brand of the Master. Masters may choose a different means of "marking" their slaves, but this is Our preferred method.

3. A collar signifies Ownership of a slave. It is an important MUTUALLY VOLUNTARY relationship. Ownership of slaves and the restrictions set upon a slave by the Owner/Master are to be respected by All at all times. On the most basic level, all slaves have the minimum protection of these RULES, while at this Site. Otherwise, the Master determines EVERYTHING for any and all under that Master's collar. The Council will NOT interfere with the relationship between a Master and His collared slaves unless it becomes necessary to enforce the Rules contained herein.

4. "No slave may be forced into a collar. Slavery must be mutually agreed upon. By making the choice of coming to GOR at SOI and remaining past one(1) week, however, all slaves agree to become subject to the ko-lar requirements of the Cog Policies."

5. Both slave genders will always use lowercase to define their status of servitude and to refer to themselves, and will always use uppercase whenever referring to a Master. All slaves using the title kajira/kajirus will greet all Masters/Mistresses and, when appropriate, offer their services to provide food and beverages to Them. All kajirae/kajiri will also acknowledge departures of Masters with the same respect. There is to be creativity and talent appropriate to the level of personal learning shown in each post a slave makes to a Master. All slaves are ALWAYS to be respectful to all Masters/Mistresses. This is a Gorean Site, and non-serious slaves should not come here for the purpose of disrupting this Site.

6. slaves are required to request permission to enter or leave any public Gorean rooms (taverns, dwellings, inns, etc). Rooms that are considered open spaces (markets, clearings, streams, springs, snactuaries) do not require asking permission. Room owners that fit the first category may lift this requirement by stating CLEARLY in the room that permission is not required. A slave may enter a room, after asking permission if and only if no Master is present or responds within a reasonable time. The same is true for leaving a room. Lurking outside a room (posting that one is outside looking in), is not allowed. A slave MUST post a request to enter before making another post. The slave may then post from the outside until permission is granted.

7. slaves are encouraged to always remember that they are slaves. The Masters are their first priority. They must give them attention over their fellow or sisters and slaves. slaves are encouraged to be busy, even when no Master is present. slaves are always to be pleasing when in the presence of a Master. If a slave feels they cannot be of a pleasing, positive attitude, at all times they are in this Site, then they are not to enter, or are to leave until they are in the right frame of mind. It is empathetically and sympathetically understood that each slave will have troubles and problems from time to time, but those are for somewhere other than the public rooms of this Site. Speak with your Master or your sisters in either private or the slave rooms/corks. you are also allowed to post announcements in the #r-aachain if there is news you wish to share with all of Gor.

8. All are encouraged to learn of Gor be they Master or slave. We are building an extensive library of food, drink, dress, dance and attitudes as well as information about the original books on Gor written by John Norman. All are encouraged to read these works to learn more of the culture We strive to create.

9. A slave is required to beg a collar from a Master if she is interested in becoming His. A Master is not obligated in any way to place a collar on any slave He does not desire to possess.

10. Room owners are requested to build their rooms in a Gorean atmosphere. Room owners may petition the Council to have their room(s) added to the Map of Gor. The Council members will review the room and either approve its addition to the Map or suggest changes to make the room sufficiently Gorean. It is then up to the room owner to either make changes or not. Rooms not meeting the standards set by the Council will be allowed to remain, but will NOT appear on the Map of Gor.

11. We strive to build a living, growing Gor here. For many the ways in which we experience Gor extend beyond this virtual world into the real world. We do not desire merely to relive the past as written in the original books. We desire to use them as a basis for creating a future. New ideas and imagination are both encouraged. But always the basic Gorean culture must be maintained.

12. As with any beast or item, a slave is the property of the Master. The slave is His to do with as He pleases. Discipline and training are at His command and choice. If a slave has been displeasing, the slave's Master should be notified of the situation and the details of the event. The Master will them determine if punishment is warranted and administer it if needed. On Gor discipline is just that. The whip and pain are not used as part of a sexual stimulation. They are discipline. A method of instruction. When a Gorean slave has been displeasing to her Master she will often crawl to His feet with the whip in her teeth and beg to be punished. By disciplining her He teaches her again that she is slave and must be pleasing and the lesson ends. She knows then that the incident is over and she is once again able to please him.

13. As with all of the States connected with this Site, All who come here are expected to behave reasonably. Anyone who intentionally comes here to harass, stalk, coerce or otherwise create havoc and disruption will be reported to the Council and, if needed to the Site Administration who will take any necessary action against the individual.

14. "Sceneing" in the Stone Hall is prohibited by order of the Council. Each Room owner may choose to allow or disallow this practice as they see fit. There are plenty of rooms for a Master to enjoy the pleasures of His slave(s). Please refrain from doing it in this room as it is the Entrance to our Site.

15. All citizens, Master/Mistress or slave are directed to post their views/comments/suggestions on #r-gorcork(GorCork)

16. Per Sephs rules ALL Admin owned corks and rooms will remain open to the public.