Site Rules


Site Rules

1. First and foremost, this is an ADULT Site and the following are enforced by the owners of all the States. No one is allowed here under the age of 18. Role playing in public as someone under the age of 18 is also not allowed. Non-citizens will have their IP address banned and Citizens will be stripped of their accounts for violating this Rule.

2. All are encouraged to learn of Gor be they Master or slave. We are building an extensive library of food, drink, dress, dance and attitudes as well as information about the original books on Gor written by John Norman. All are encouraged to read these works to learn more of the culture We strive to create.

3. As with all of the States connected with this Site, All who come here are expected to behave reasonably. Anyone who intentionally comes here to harass, stalk, coerce or otherwise create havoc and disruption will be reported, if needed to the Site Administration who will take any necessary action against the individual.

4. "Sceneing" in the Stone Hall is prohibited. Each Room owner may choose to allow or disallow this practice as they see fit. There are plenty of rooms for a Master to enjoy the pleasures of His slave(s). Please refrain from doing it in this room as it is the Entrance to our Site.

5. This is a GOR only area, please keep any other theme rooms private. We do not wish any other theme then GOR in the see all. While we understand your rooms to do as willed this site was made and kept open by the GOR folks. Please respect the wishes of those who keep it running.

6. We strive to build a living, growing Gor here. For many the ways in which we experience Gor extend beyond this virtual world into the real world. We do not desire merely to relive the past as written in the original books. We desire to use them as a basis for creating a future. New ideas and imagination are both encouraged. But always the basic Gorean culture must be maintained.

7. All are encouraged to learn of Gor be they Master or slave. We are building an extensive library of food, drink, dress, dance and attitudes as well as information about the original books on Gor written by John Norman. All are encouraged to read these works to learn more of the culture We strive to create.

8. Per Sephs rules ALL Admin owned corks and rooms will remain open to the public.

Link to the CoG rules previously established

See All Guidelines

1.Purpose. The See All lets people see what's happening in the various GOR rooms. The Hot List lets folks know who is in which rooms across all sister sites. The GOR See All is specific to rooms in GOR. It shows a post and provides a link directly to that room. People often watch it to keep up with various interactions while remaining active in their own rooms.

2.Non-Showings. The software is programmed to not show posts in pass worded rooms. It is also programmed to filter posts containing letter strings that result in certain words. For example - it does not show posts that include the word "cum" or the word "incumbent." No one is hiding your posts from the see all it is a safety filter in the system.

3.Site-Specific, not Theme-Specific. The programming is set up to show rooms in GOR accounts. The GOR Admin account does not have the ability to block rooms in the See All based on theme. Therefore, GOR account rooms that are not of Gorean theme will show on the See All unless pass worded or containing a filtered letter string.

Admin Owned rooms
This includes
Gor Cork
Gor Hall
Vote Booth
1. All posts shall comply with the Terms and Conditions of Hyperchat.
2. All flaming posts shall be removed.Flaming non members will receive a one week ban from the cork. Flaming members will be given a warning, if they continue to flame then they will have a one week ban from the cork. ( "flaming" is defined as the act of attacking the typist or the Homestone of GOR through verbal (typed) abuse.)
3. All state owned rooms are open to everyone whether member or non member.
6. The cork will be an avatar free zone.
7. No requesting of materials that are protected under the copywrite laws of the United States.


Q. What kind of RP can I expect to see?
A. This realm is all John Norman's GOR, there are no fairies, dragons, horses, there are men, slaves, beasts, and battles. And of course drinks!

Q. Do I have to read all the novels first?
A. No, unless you can power read all 34 (subject to change as he writes more). There is a lot of information online to help you get started which breaks it down by areas

Q. What kind of character should I create?
A. Start with what appeals you, do you wish to be a slave, a free? You could be a bosk eating grass, just know random slaves wandering uncollared RARELY happened. We would suggest contacting a slaver, starting on the auction block and letting your character grow as they might in the books.

Q. What kind of castes can I choose from?
A. If you are having a hard time deciding what caste would be good for your character, here is list of castes to help you choose.

Q. Where should I live?
A. Gor is a vast area, much like our world there are different areas. Look around see what appeals to do you, perhaps you like the cold, the heat, the water, the plains. All have their challanges and interactions.

Q. Can I create more than one character?
A. Yes, becoming a citizen of this community entitles you to six names. You are not obligated to share your names but honesty is the best policy, some people do not like to be duped. It's up to the discretion of the name holder if they want to share their names. But also, the other players if they wish to interact with them. Some people prefer one player one character, respect their wishes please.

Q. Do you have to be a citizen of GOR/SOI to play?
A. No, we encourage people to join the play and see if it's something you would enjoy, or drop in to visit the GOR Hall, meet some of the players and ask questions about the realm. We are newbie friendly.

Q. Can I cross realms and play here if my account is in another realm?
A. Yes, all TAGS are welcome to play here. Buying an account in GOR is optional. Players do keep both accounts in GOR,JAG, and SOI and interact as desired.

Q. Is gender bending allowed?
A. As JAG has said it best. Most people prefer the Master they interact with to be male and the pretty kajira to be female. This should not be an issue within JAG as part of the Hyperchat site, there are a wealth of rooms within our sister sites that cater for this form of roleplay and your character will be better suited and welcomed there.

Q. Do I have to use Prodigy?
A. No. Combatants may choose whatever fighting system they agree to and make their own room rules. For those who prefer Prodigy and want to learn links are provided below.
Prodigy (this will be added shortly)

Q. Can we raid?
A. Yes, as the other area agree's to the interaction. While we're all one community we cannot expect everyone to get along with each other. Please respect their desires before engaging.

Last updated 5/6/18 Subject to change as needed.